Think you already know all the bubble tea flavors in town? Get ready to intrigue your taste buds as we list down these weird bubble tea flavors that you might want to try or not at all:







Spicy Mango Bubble Tea

Image courtesy of The Gastrognome

Image courtesy of The Gastrognome


What’s with chilies and desserts these days? First, there’s chili or sili ice cream from Legazpi, Albay, then there’s Sili Con Tsokolate ice cream from Bicol and Batangas; and now this yet-to-be-known Spicy Mango bubble tea. According to Buzzfeed, an Internet media company based in New York City, its sweet and spicy flavor is the “best flavor combo ever.” Who would like to give it a try?


Avocado Bubble Tea

Image courtesy of Fit and Petite

Image courtesy of Fit and Petite


Do you still remember how your mom makes chilled avocado mixed with condensed or powdered milk for dessert? If it’s been a long time since you last savored this unique Filipino dessert, a cup of this Avocado bubble tea will surely quench your childhood nostalgia. So, we guess this weird bubble tea flavor isn’t weird after all.


Embryo Bubble Tea

Image courtesy of Serious Eats Inc.

Image courtesy of Serious Eats Inc.


Hold your bubbles! Before you freak out and start running off the hills, this weird bubble tea doesn’t have to do with embryos. According to Bryce Leung of InfoBarrel, a web site that “offers writers a way to make passive income or residual income online,” these sinkers that look like frog eggs are actually basil seeds. They’re 100% vegetarian and taste like peeled grapes with edible seeds.

Thanks, but we’ll pass.


Calpis Bubble Tea

calpis bubble tea: weird bubble tea

Image courtesy of Food Science Japan


To those who don’t know what Calpis is, it’s a non-carbonated Japanese soft drink that tastes like vanilla yogurt. According to Leung, most people mispronounce Calpis to “cow piss,” but don’t worry, we assure you this weird bubble tea is 100% good and cow-cruelty free.


Green Tea Heineken Bubble Tea

green tea heineken bubble tea

Image courtesy of DLTAbuzz


Who says you can’t indulge on healthy booze? This Heineken Green tea from Boba 7, a bubble tea shop based in Los Angeles, California, is a marriage of frothy Heineken beer and green tea, with luscious honey Boba sitting at the bottom of the glass. Who’s up for a shot?


Cotton Candy Bubble Tea

cotton candy bubble tea: weird bubble tea

Image courtesy of Imgrum


If the Boba pearls don’t float you enough, maybe adding a big cotton candy on top of your glass will take you to Cloud 9! Just look at this fluffy cotton candy bubble tea from a Taiwanese bubble tea store, ViVi Bubble Tea.


Boba Cereal Shakes

boba cereal shakes: weird bubble tea

Image courtesy of Spoon University


Our favorite breakfast cereals have upgraded to a whole new level. Since we can’t bring our cereal bowls to work or to school, Covina, California-based Boba Tea and milkshake shop, Boba Tea Lounge, has thought of an incredible way for us to enjoy the glorious cereal milk with juicy tapioca pearls.


Potted Plant Milk Tea

potted plant milk tea: weird bubble tea

Image courtesy of Michelle L. at Yelp


Some food presentations are so good that you’ll not attempt to eat or drink them, and this one’s the best example of a bubble tea presentation that you might not want to touch at first. Before you raise a brow, the ‘soil’ topping is actually crushed Oreos. The leaf, on the other hand, can be a candy made out of fondant or just really a mint leaf.


Which among these weird bubble tea flavors intrigued you the most? Do you have your own unusual bubble tea experience? Comment your story below! We’d love to hear from you.


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