rice & noodles Rice & Noodles

Savor the delicious oriental flavors of our rice & noodles, guaranteed to satisfy your hungry tummy!

 These chicken, beef, pork, and noodle options are sure to become your next favorites at Serenitea. We’ve got these gastronomic treats exclusively for you. Pick your very first choice of rice & noodles delight.

rice & noodles - chicken curry rice

Curry Chicken Rice

rice & noodles - imperial beef rice

Imperial Beef Rice

rice & noodles - minced pork rice

Minced Pork Rice
rice & noodles

 Dry Noodle
rice & noodles - peanut noodle

 Peanut Noodle

rice & noodles - wonders of the sea noodle

Wonders of the Sea Noodle

Have you made up your mind on what to order first? Feel free to indulge in our rice & noodles snacks to go with your favorite milk tea.


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