Have you encountered this awful scenario when you visit a top tea store in your neighborhood only to find out your favorite topping has run out? We understand the heartbreak you feel, because we’ve been there, too! In fact, we create a list of struggles that only Filipino bubble tea drinkers can understand. We believe you can relate to most of them, so read on and have a good laugh!


1. The joy of coming into a bubble tea shop that has no line of customers and a vacant table.

Filipino bubble tea drinkers when entering the teashop

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V.I.P feels, ‘teh!


2. That rush you feel inside when the barista asks for your order when you haven’t seen the menu yet.

Filipino bubble tea drinkers: rush order

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Hindi ko pa nababasa yung menu!


3. When you’re not sure how to pronounce the name of that drink.

Filipino bubble tea drinkers: Kathryn Bernardo

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Sige, Wintermelon na lang ulit!


4. That horrifying moment when your favorite topping has run out.

Sakit sa puso.


5. When the barista then asks your preferred sweetness level of your drink.

Filipino bubble tea drinkers: choosing sweetness level

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‘Di mo lam kung 50% or 75% kasi ayaw mo ng matabang, pero ayaw mo din ng sobrang tamis.


6. That disappointment you feel when the barista serves your drink in a wrong size of cup.

Bitin sa’kin ang regular eh.


7. The kilig feeling you get in the first sip of your bubble tea…

Filipino bubble tea drinkers: kilig feeling

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Pwede bang ito na lang tubig ko?


8. … and you enjoy sipping so much that you suddenly choke on the pearl.

Makahigop kasi akala mo mauubusan.


9. When the shop is packed and you see some customers chitchatting over empty bubble tea cups.

Filipino bubble tea drinkers: waiting customers

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Baka pwedeng ako naman umupo 🙁


10. When you spot or bump into a friend in the tea shop.

Filipino bubble tea drinkers: saying hi

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11. Lastly, that excitement you feel when you found out they have new available flavors.

Filipino bubble tea drinkers: excited customer

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Waiiiit, ‘di ako ready!


How many of these struggles of Filipino bubble tea drinkers can you relate to? Have you had fun reading this? Share this to your friends, as well!


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