Scrumptious Tea Desserts And Treats That Are Drool-Worthy

Before milk tea came into the Philippines, we used to think that tea is just a bland, grassy drink that can’t be paired to a food, or can’t be used as an ingredient. Good thing that was before. Did you

Unpopular Wonders of Tea That You Should Know [Infographic]

Who would have thought that tea has other wondrous properties other than being just a good, healthy drink? Some of us feel guilty of throwing their used teabag because they think it can still be used in other things. Do

6 Reasons Why Opening a Milk Tea Shop is a Great Small Business Idea

Taiwan milk tea has successfully made its way to the Philippines and to our hearts. This bodacious invasion helped small business owners earn big time and establish their own milk tea brands – but that was 6 years ago. How

Yummy Bubble Tea Flavors Your Kids Will Totally Love [Infographic]

As parents, all we want is the best for our little ones. We always ensure the clothes they wear, the toys they play, and the food they eat, and the beverages the drink are safe for them and their health.

Things You Should Know Before Trying Milk Tea for the First Time [Infographic]

Coffee, aside of being the most consumed drink in the world, is also Filipino’s first choice of drink. According to GMA News, coffee is “intrinsic in almost every Filipino” and on an average, we consume 2.5 cups of it per

15 Irresistibly Cute Bubble Tea Gift Ideas You Can Find on Etsy

Nowadays, a lot of Filipinos are choosing to shop online – and we take that advantage to help people like you who might be looking for a nice gift to your bubble tea aficionado friend. Have you heard about Etsy?

5 Easy Recipes to Making the Best Milk Tea at Home [Infographic]

It’s officially summer in the Philippines! Here come the days that we prefer to stay at home and sit in front of the electric fan to keep us sane from the crazy summer heat! As much as we want to

10 GIFs That Show the Best Time to Drink Milk Tea

Who doesn’t love milk tea? This flavorful beverage has become one of our favorite companions to survive a dull, boring day. Well, every day is the best time to drink milk tea, but there are perfect instances where you can

Tea Traditions of the World that Will Amaze You [Infographic]

Tea has proved a lot of powerful, healthy benefits since the ancient times. That’s why it’s not shocking to know that it’s the most-consumed drink in the world next to water. To prove our long-time patriotism to teas, we’ll take

7 Tea-Drinking Countries Every Tea Enthusiasts Must Visit [Infographic]

While Filipinos are true-blood tea lovers, it is surprising to know that the Philippines isn’t the only country that loves tea. It has also been a household staple in different parts of the globe. Here are top tea-drinking countries where